RWU Campaigns

Railroad Workers for a "Just Transition"

As the earth enters a new era of environmental crisis, citizens across the globe are up in arms about climate change and the devastation of unchecked development and use of fossil fuels. From what it appears, energy sources like coal and oil are on their way out, being replaced by clean, renewals like solar, wind and geothermal energy. As this major global transition takes place, countless workers stand to be - and are already being - permanently laid-off from the old industries.

Rather than throw our hands in the air and stick our head in the sand, it is time to raise the battle cry of a "Just Transition".  All workers - and this includes rails - must demand that we are not called on to disproportionately shoulder the economic burden of such a transition. We demand re-training, first crack at jobs in the new industries, and pay and benefits ion par with our current employment.

To these ends, RWU has sought out responsible environmental and community organizations that we can partner with for mutual benefit. We have also aligned ourselves with both the Labor Network for Sustainability and the Trade Unions for Energy Democracy, two coalitions of labor organizations dedicated to jobs and the environment.

In 2016, at the 5th Biennial Convention, RWU adopted a Resolution in Support of an Economic "Just Transition". We hope to work with any organization who agrees with our approach to further these ends of a healthy, sustainable planet, where working people's livelihoods and communities are not threatened by such transition to clean energy.