Railroad and Union Music

There is an eclectic mix of Railroad & Union Music out there!

Salem, IL Passenger Train Derails, June 1971  -  11 killed, 94 injured

Salem, Ill. (AP) -- A locked wheel that may have been caused by an electrical failure was blamed today for the flaming derailment Thursday of the City of New Orleans passenger liner. Eleven persons died and 94 others were injured in the spectacular accident.
The 14-car streamliner was being pulled by four locomotives at better than 90 miles an hour when it left the track two miles north of Salem. There were 224 persons aboard the train, including 18 crewmen.  Read more...

Note:  There is still an unidentified body buried at East Lawn Cemetery in Salem. It was the inspiration for the Chicago Kingsnakes song below. Unfortunately, they mispronounced Tonti.  Locals all pronounce it as "ton teye".

RWU's own John Paul Wrights sings "Railroad Man"

Haywire Mac McClintock - "Casey Jones - The Union Scab"

Norman Blake - "Slow Train Through Georgia"

John Wright - "Music for Modern Railroaders"

Jim Croce - "Railroad Song"

The Doors - "Mystery Train"

Railroad Gandydancers

Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Railroad Song"

Glenn Symmonds - "Railroad Man"

Boxcar Willie. "Railway to Heaven"

Arlo Guthrie - "City of New Orleans"

Utah Phillips - - "Daddy What's a Train?"

Street Dogs ~ "There is Power in a Union"

J.P. Wright - "Railroad Love"