Opposition to Precision Scheduled Railroading

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The rail industry in North America is in the throes of tumultuous changes, collectively known as “Precision Scheduled Railroading” (PSR). As of late 2018, there is no major rail carrier that is immune from the convulsions that are taking place in our industry. This operating plan has been propelled into the forefront in recent years by the quest for short-term profits by hedge fund investors with no concern about the long-term viability nor health of the rail industry. While PSR might help to deliver record profits and all-time low operating ratios, this operating plan is in fact a farce, a thinly veiled disguise that relies on deferred maintenance, lax safety standards, a decline in infrastructure investment, and reduced labor costs to “succeed.”  PSR has been problematic for rail workers of all crafts, shippers of all shipping groups, general rail safety, the industry itself and the nation as a whole. The profit-driven speed-up has contributed to worker fatalities and crippling injuries. Workers are vulnerable to even more hazards and dangers, as are surrounding communities.

Railroad Workers United is opposed to PSR. We intend to mount an effort to do what we can to stop its spread, curb its worst excesses, and ultimately, rid the rail industry of this menace. RWU encourages all railroad workers to get involved in the struggle. We have a number of resources that you can make use of to fight back. See below….

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