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Links to Rail Advocacy Organizations

  • Rail Passengers Association (NARP): A nationwide organization that has advocated improved and expanded rail passenger service in the United States for 50 years.
  • Rail Users Network: A national organization concentrated mainly east of the Mississippi River composed of long distance, commuter and transit passengers that advocates for better train service.
  • RailPAC of California and Nevada: Promotes the development of a modern, sustainable, environmentally friendly passenger rail system through education of the public and government officials, and supports a comprehensive rail network of long distance, intercity, and regional trains, supported by and integrated with local transit, bicycle access, and pedestrian friendly stations. 
  • Rails, Inc: Based in Albuquerque, NM, Rails is dedicated to public education and increasing awareness about transportation and transit, using the techniques of political organizing, sales, public performance and entertainment.
  • Midwest High Speed Rail Association: Chicago based advocacy organization working to bring high-speed rail to the U.S. by educating people, businesses, and lawmakers about the need for fast, frequent and reliable trains that link Midwestern economies and communities
  • Comprehensive listing of state and national rail passenger advocacy organizations